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‘Living and Learning’
‘Living and Learning’

Miss Howells C3

Class Teacher: Miss Howells

Learning Support Assistant : Mrs Holcombe


Spring Term 2019


Our topic this term is Pop Up - This topic is all about Fairy Tales 



The children will be looking at a range of different Fairy Tales and learning all about how each story has a beginning, a middle and an ending. They will look at characters which ones are nice and which ones are scary. They will also explore speech bubbles by talking like a giant, or a witch or a king or queen.


Through the different stories we will also be exploring growing plants (a magic beanstalk), making houses out of sweets, creating invitations for a ball and building castles and towers out of construction.


This is a wonderful, colourful topic with an emphasis on reading, writing and telling stories. I am sure that you have a favourite and perhaps you can tell it to your children.


Please note our PE day is Tuesday and the children will need their PE kit in school. 


Our Forest School day is Friday and the children will need a pair of wellies which they can leave in school as we like to go exploring on other days as well! 


Overview for Parents for Pop Up - Spring Term

Learning Log task

11th January 

Inside your Learning Log you will find a menu of different activities that you can do with your child over the half term. There are quite a few things to do and you need to choose five. You can do one a week if you wish to the end of term. We do not need the Learning Logs back until Wednesday 20th February

You can bring them in as you have completed a task each week if you would prefer

Many thanks - we hope you enjoy the Spring tasks.


Homework Spring Term

October 22nd 

Wow our last week of the first half term. The children have worked so hard and we have been finding many Autumn treasures throughout the term. We had a lovely trip to the park with some beautiful Autumn sunshine to help us find conkers, acorns and even a squirrel searching for food for the Winter.

We will be finishing off this section of the term next week by :


Making leaf plaques 


Finishing our Autumn pictures in the style of Gustav Klimt               


and practising our Welsh learning how to say the weather. You can ask your child...... 


Ask Sut mae'r tywydd? Answer Mae hi'n heulog- it is sunny

                                                  Mae hi'n bwrw glaw - it is raining

                                                  Mae hi'n wyntog - it is windy

                                                  Mae hi'n oer- it is cold

                                                  Mae hi'n braf- it is fine 

                                                  Mae hi'n gymylog - it is cloudy


Have a look at the story link underneath! 




September 17th 

This week we will be moving onto the next section of our Autumn Treasure Box by looking at Owls. We will be reading "Wow, said the Owl" and talking about night time and day time especially in relation to animals. We will also be making some shadow puppets and be making textured brown owls with collage materials. We will post some of our Owls here once we have made them! 

If you haven't brought some wellies for Forest School please can you bring them in as it is getting muddy and wet as we move into Autumn. 

Thank you

What we will be covering this term!