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‘Living and Learning’
‘Living and Learning’

Miss Jones C2

Autumn 2 2022

Here is what we will be learning about this half term...


Happy New Year!!!

This term our new topic is Celebrations!!!

We will be looking at different celebrations that are familiar to us and also some new celebrations from around the world. We will be looking at birthdays, weddings in Wales and India, New Year, Chinese New year, St Dwynwen's day and Valentines Day. Take a look at the parent overview below for more details.

Welcome back to the Summer Term 2021!


This term we will be focusing on all things that grow in our new topic - Bloom! 

Here is an overview of some activities that we will be doing over the next half term.  

Overview for Parents - Bloom!

22nd February 2021 - Welcome back to the second half of our Spring Term 2021!

We are so looking forward to seeing you all again and working on our lovely new theme - Wonderful Wales!  We will be learning lots about our country, we will be reading books written by Welsh authors and ones that are set in Wales.  We will be learning about our culture, our places, our food and our sports!  

Here is the overview of our new theme Wonderful Wales!

Weekly overview - 22 February 2021

Home Learning 8th February 2021

Here are the activities for the week ahead.  There are still daily maths and RWI but this week we have some lovely activities from Cardiff City, culminating in a well being day on Friday with lots of physical activities!  There will be a paper pack for those who need one, available at the school.  Have a good week, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Tidy

Home Learning Activities 1 February 2021

Here is the timetable and links to the activities for the week ahead.  We are working in counting in 10s this week and we are carrying on with our topic of Winter and we are focusing on weather this week.  We also have an exciting virtual trip to Chester Zoo!  Our story this week is the lovely, 'Rain before rainbows'.  And, we have some lovely wellbeing activities for you all to have a go at. 

This week is 'Children's Mental Health Week', so with this in mind Mrs Curtis has created a weeks worth of wellbeing activities for you to do as a family and we will also be sharing some lovely stories too.


Reading comprehsion activities

Home Learning activities 25 January 2021

Here is the timetable and links for this weeks activities.  The links and videos will also be posted via Seesaw.  Our topic continues with Winter and this week we are also thinking about animals that live in cold places, polar animals.  What can you find out?  What animals live in these places?  Can you make a fact file about one of them?  Can you create your own animal out of craft/junk modelling resources?  We look forward to seeing your work this week.  As ever, if you need anything please let us know via Seesaw! 


Home Learning Activities - week 18th January 2021

Hi all, here is the timetable and activities set for this week.  Please try and carry out as many of the activities as you can, any problems, please let us know via Seesaw.  Many thanks, Mrs Tidy & Mrs Curtis.

Home Learning Activities - 11th January 2021

These are the educational cbeebies programmes available to watch - find them by searching on BBC iPlayer.

Our class information for January 2021

As you will have seen we are operating with blended learning for the week commencing 4th January.  Attached is our timetable as well as online links for the activities that are accessed online.  Check out Seesaw Class App for the other activities.  If you have any problems, or need the access code for the Home Learning activities on Seesaw Class then please let us know.

Many thanks, Mrs Tidy & Mrs Curtis

Have a look at what we will be getting up to during our first half term.


Our PE day this term is a Friday and we would ask that you come to school wearing your PE kit and trainers.  PE kit should consist of joggers/legging and a tshirt and sweatshirt or jacket.  

Many thanks


Welcome back to everyone in Class 2!  

Mrs Tidy and Mrs Curtis are really looking forward to sharing the next year with you all, learning lots and having fun together!

Our entrance and exit point is the side gate at the end of the Infant side of the school and our start and finish times are  9:10-9:15am and 3:15- 3:20pm.

Please see the latest Newsletter from Mr Jones for more information about what to expect in the new term.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mrs Tidy 

Final week

Oh my goodness boys and girls, how is it our last week in class 2 together already?!?!!?!? Despite all that has been going on, what a joy it has been to be your teacher and what a lovely time we have had together. To celebrate our last week we have decided to do a sort of sports day and memories week! We have some lovely printable year book activities for you to remember all your favourite times in class 2. We have daily sports day challenges for you and some transition workbooks too! It looks like the weather is going to be good this week so get out as much as you can and have lots of fun! There isn't any purple mash this week but if you do any photos or videos of your sports day activities then you can still upload them to twitter or onto this Google class page and I will check them on Wednesday! Have a fabulous last week Dosbarth 2!
Mrs Gatefield, Miss Howells, Ms Holcombe and Miss Corns


Don't forget all year books and sports activities are on our Google Classroom
The Virtual Sports Challenge is organised in days. There is an instruction card and then a card for each day. Certificates will be handed out to all those who complete a challenge and post a picture or video. Good luck, we look forward to seeing your sporting activities!


Week beginning 6th July

Bore da pawb!!
Another week, hopefully with some sunshine this time!
Our theme for the week is Pattern,


we will be looking at patterns using numbers and also using colours. There are some sheets that you can print off to see if you can find the missing numbers on the number patterns and also to see if you can follow the colours and work out which one comes next.
We have also included some butterfly sheets for creating symmetrical patterns as we know that butterflies have the same patterns on both sides.
You can do them on paper if you wish or you can create them on Purple Mash. We have set some butterfly and reflection patterns for you to create this week.
We have aslo set a sound pattern for you to make using two or three colours. This is on 2Explore and I have included a brief powerpoint to show you how to get started. There is also a film which explains it all on the program itself.

Language and Literacy
Our story this week is The Journey Home from Grandpa's.
Watch the story either by clicking on the link in the powerpoint or by watching it from here. It is a fun story told in song about what the children see on their way home from Grandpa's house.
We would like you to think of a way of travelling and then to describe what it is doing much like the vehicles in the story. We have included a powerpoint to show you how to do this and you can either write your sentence or extra verse on paper or use 2Create a Story on Purple Mash or sing it to us on a video!

This week we are looking at sorting materials into those that grow (natural) or those that are manufactured or made (by humans). There are some powerpoints about materials and how they are created as well as some sorting sheets for you to have a go at. There is also a sorting activity on Purple Mash.

Expressive Arts
This week we are looking at patterns in nature. There are two very short videos that feature nature patterns, you could watch and see if you can identify where they are or what animal they come from.
We would like you to look for leaves around your garden or on your walks and print with them to explore what patterns you can create. You can either paint or make rubbings with crayons.
There is a lovely activity by the Welsh artist Sylvia Hughes Williams showing you how to make a rainbow tree which you may like to have a go at.

Health and Well Being
We would like you to have a look at road safety and how to stay safe now we are beginning to get out and about more. There are some powerpoints to help you and one which features a Supercat character who has a fun rhyme to help you remember what you must do before and when you cross the road. There are some sorting cards for safe places to cross and you could write down the instructions you have learnt using the Purple Mash road safety leaflet.

Science and Technology
We hope you had a fun time designing your boat and deciding in what materials you will need to make it. This week we would like you to make your boat. You can then have a go at sailing it and see if your design was successful or if there was anything that you would change to make it even better. We would love to see photos !

We hope you have a lovely week and are keeping safe and well.
We love all your work and can't wait to see what you create and do this week.
Slowely we seem to be emerging from this strange time and hopefully things will continue to improve and we will all be able to focus on whatever the "new normal" turns out to be.
Stay safe and we look forward to seeing some of you next week and reading and exploring all your wonderful writing, counting and artworks.

All resources are on our Google Classroom
Mrs Gatefield, Miss Howells, Mrs Holcombe and Miss Corns.

Week 5 29.6.20


Bore da pawb. Sut wyt ti? I hope you have been enjoying this topic so far! This week we are travelling back in time and we will be looking at what seaside trips were like a long time ago in Victorian times. You can use the video links and powerpoints I have included below to find out about this, or you can ask people you know or use the internet to do your own research. This week's work will be :


Mathematics and numeracy- money
I have put quite a few maths games on Purplemash for you to complete and there are also printable sheets on google classroom. You could also set up an roleplay ice cream/seaside shop in your house, write price tags for the items and use real money to pay for items and give change.


Languages and literacy-
Label the seaside scene. Seaside sentence writing. Files on google classroom


Compare seaside from Victorian times and now. Purplemash and files on google classroom.
Magic Grandad- The beach


Science and technology-
Design a boat that will float on water…don’t make it yet as this will be next weeks’ activity! Purplemash and paper file 


Expressive arts-
Paint a beach scene, use different colour greens and blues for sea with pale blues, greys and whites for the seafoam, then use yellows, oranges, browns and gold tones for the sand. When you’ve finished paint your foot a darker sandy colour e.g light brown and make a footprint on the sand! There is an example picture in the files 
Colour a beach hut- purplemash


Health and wellbeing-
Play safety and stranger danger- read the information and record a tv/radio announcement giving advice to others- upload to your purplemash accounts


Have loads of fun everyone. I can’t wait to see all your lovely work. 

Mrs Gatefield, Miss Howells, Ms Holcombe and Miss Corns


Check out all the resources on our google classroom. 

Week 4 22.6.20


Bore da pawb! Hope everyone is safe and well and enjoyed all the activities last week!

This week we will still be focusing on the seaside and seaside animals and will be exploring the world of rockpools! This weeks work is:

Mathematics and numeracy- addition and subtraction

Literacy and languages- Read Starry Eyed Stan with a family member and discuss the story using the talk cards. Write a description. Use lots of adjectives (describing words) to describe the sea creature you created. Paper or Purplemash

Expressive arts- Design your own sea creature! You can do this on paper or on Purplemash

Humanities- rock pools- look at the powerpoint and write about what you have learnt. Draw a picture of a rockpool too. Do this on paper or on Purplemash

Science and technology- choose a rockpool creature from the powerpoint and create a facfile to show what you have learnt. Paper or Purplemash

Health and wellbeing-Message in a bottle- why not decorate a bottle (any bottle you have e.g an empty pop/fruitshoot bottle) and write a kind message inside. Leave it on the doorstep of a relative or someone you know on your daily walk to spread a bit of kindness. You could write uplifting sentences such as ’keep smiling, keep safe’ or ‘ someone is thinking of you’. Cosmic yoga Squish the fish


Have a great week everyone!


Mrs Gatefield, Miss Howells, Mrs Gatefield, Miss Corns


Log onto our Google classroom for all the resources and to hear Mrs Gatefield reading the story of Tiddler!


Week beginning 15th June Ready, set... jet!


Bore da pawb! Sut wyt ti? Wyt ti'n hapus iawn? Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw?
I hope you've all had a lovely week! Super job on all the activities you completed last. You are all superstars! 

This week we ,again, have lots of lovely activities for you.This week we are focusing on the seaside :

Mathematics and numeracy-time- digital- Watch the videos and then match the analogue to digital times using the worksheets or by playing the digital games (linked below)  and on Purplemash.

Literacy and languages-  Listen to the story Tiddler below and discuss it with someone in your home. What was your favourite part? How many different sea creatures did you spot?

Imagine you're at the seaside. What can you see, hear etc. Can you use these answers to write a poem. Try to include lots of lovely adjectives e.g I can hear enormous waves crashing on the boiling hot, golden sand. You can do this on paper or on Purplemash.

Expressive arts-Use the shell images (or find your own online) to do an observational drawing on paper- Remember to draw the shapes, patterns and colours you can SEE not what you think it should have/look like.  Decorate a shell on Purplemash.

Humanities-Write about a seaside you have visited in Wales. What sort of features do you see there? Do this on paper or on Purplemash.

Science and technology- Look at the images of sea creatures and draw your favourites on paper or on Purplemash. Remember to write the name of the sea creature too and write a sentence to describe it.

Can you sort the pictures into the correct box on the table ( sea mammals and minibeasts, birds or plants-you can do this on the printable or draw your own onto plain paper.

Health and wellbeing-Seaside safety comprehension task- Choose the level that best suits your child’s reading ability-You could also read this with your child if it is a little challenging and stop to ask your child to read key words like ‘sun’ etc- Sun safety poster on Purplemash

Moana cosmic yoga.

Have a great week everyone. Miss you all! 

Mrs Gatefield, Miss Howells, Ms Holcombe and Miss Corns


Don't forget to head on over the our Google classroom for all resources, videos and links.

Greetings everyone! 

Week Beginning 8th June 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend although the sunshine might have gone in for a little time at least the plants had some lovely water to drink! Thank you for all the fabulous work that you have completed this week.
This week.....
our mini theme is internet safety.
Language- we would like you to create a poster to help others stay safe whilst working online. I have a story for you which I will read and one that you can flip through yourself about two peopole that used technology but not in the right way!

Maths- this week is all about multipication and division. There are a few videos and activities to help learn your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. I have added a lot of different worksheets and activities to help with counting in 2s 5s and 10s.
There is a little on sharing as a form of division too.

Expressive arts- this week since our theme is Ready Steady... Jet we would like you to take a holiday selfie. I know that many of us won't go on our planned holidays this year but we thought we could pretend. Perhaps you could dress up in your favourite holiday outfit and take a selfie - there is a selfie cam on the Purple Mash 2dos. You could go anywhere you wanted by pretending- I wonder where that would be?

Health and Wellbeing - all about the SMART rules and e-safety this week

Science and Technology- play wild bingo! Have a look at the 30 Days Wild cards and choose some to do. There are lots of fun activities on them.

Music - some fabulous tunes with words on screen from Out of the Ark Music

I hope you have a lovely week and all are keeping well and safe. We look forward to seeing all your work, photos and even videos too.
Have a great week!
Mrs Gatefield, Miss Howells, Mrs Holcombe and Miss Corns

1st June 2020

Bore da pawb! Gobeithio chi’n bod yn hapus.  

Did you all have a great half term in the glorious sunshine? I’m sure you have lots to tell us!
We have a new topic this week and it is called ‘Ready, set…JET!’.

During this topic we will be looking at Wales, other countries and holiday spots. We have lots of fantastic activities planned for you and we can’t wait to see what you get up to as you were all so clever and creative last term! We have all been so proud of you!

So this week we will be focusing on:
Mathematics and numeracy-place value-
Reception tens and ones Year 1- challenge yourselves to use hundereds tens and ones

Languages, literacy and communication- postcards, y tywod games

Humanities- packing a suitcase for different holiday destinations-do this practically and take photos or using the template below

Science and technology- designing a t-shirt for sun safety

Health and wellbeing- wish jar,

sports day practice-this week I want you to practise running with a bean bag (or something similar) on your head- Remember NO HANDS !!!!

Expressive arts- self-portrait for a passport- use a mirror to get all the details right, remember the small details like eyelashes, eyebrows etc

We hope you have loads of fun this week and enjoy learning! Keep up the good work super stars!
All work is on our Google Classroom and on the 2Dos in Purple Mash.

Missing you all!
Mrs Gatefield, Miss Howells, Mrs Holcombe

Week beginning 18th May

Bore da pawb! Sut wyt ti?
Again such lovely creative work last week. You are working so hard and making us all so proud.
This week we are focusing on minibeasts. Take a look at the activities we have planned for you:
Mathematics and numeracy- addition- reception adding two small numbers, year 1 adding 3 small numbers
Languages, literacy and communication- oral weather report, phonic practice
Science and technology- design a bug hotel, minibeast facts
Humanities- The Christian creation story
Expressive arts- mini beat crafts, worm rock and roll dance
Health and wellbeing- continue target games/ negative emotions. Our Google Classroom has a link to a beautiful free story( Everybody worries ) about worries anxiety and the surreal world we find ourselves in at the moment. Read this book before the negative feelings activities
Our Google Classroom has all our resources on there, videos, stories and activities! 

Keep smiling and doing your best! Don't forget to share your work with us using photos and videos!
Stay safe.
Mrs Gatefield and Miss Howells



Hi everyone, last year we took part in the 30 Days Wild Project. It was a fabulous fun experience where you can do 30 random acts of "wildness" Throughout the summer. The packs are online this year and totally free. So if you are looking for some fun outdoor activities then please click on the link below and sign up for your pack.



11th May

Bore da pawb!

Our focus for this week is weather!

We would like you to take note of the weather each day and record it as a daily weather report. We would like you to choose from the activities below, and those on purplemash, and show us how much you know about the weather. You can find out about temperature, capacity, weather symbols, what we wear in different weathers and also how to make weather art. There is so much to choose from, we can't wait to see what you get up to!

Don't forget to log on to google classroom for some special story videos and support resources. Also remember to upload any photos or videos onto your purplemash accounts. 

Keep smiling and keep safe!

Mrs Gatefield, Miss Howells, Ms Holcome and Miss Corns


Hi everyone, last year we took part in the 30 Days Wild Project. It was a fabulous fun experience where you can do 30 random acts of "wildness" Throughout the summer. The packs are online this year and totally free. So if you are looking for some fun outdoor activities then please click on the link below and sign up for your pack.


Week beginning 4th May 


Greetings everyone, our topic for this week is Flowers

We would like you to explore your garden or local area as you go on your exercise walk each day to see what flowers you can find. We have set work on the parts of a flower, how to grow them from seeds (or even a beanstalk!) as well as sorting and counting the different plants that you can see. Perhaps you can make a flower dance too, to show how plants grow.

There are lots of fun activities some of which are listed below (they are also on the Google Classroom).

Don't forget to check out our Google Classroom for videos and extra support as well as the 2dos on Purple Mash.  We hope you have fun exploring and finding out about plants, where they grow and how and we look forward to seeing all your wonderful work and videos too! 


Hope you are all happy and keeping safe!!

Take care

Mrs Gatefield, Mrs Holcombe. Miss Howells, Miss Corns

Bore da pawb! Thank you so much for all your work, photos and videos last week. They were fabulous and really put a smile on our faces! This week we are focusing on the garden. Below is a list of suggested activities to complete throughout the week. Pick and choose your favourite things to do and have lots of fun. Extra materials and videos can be found on google classroom. If you are yet to recieve your login please email Stay safe and keep smiling!

New Topic after Easter!!!

Through My Window


We have added planning to the Google Classroom for you to see what we will be working on and doing after the Easter Holidays. 

Many thanks!

This week marks the start of our Easter Holidays! 

We have put some Easter activities onto Purple Mash for you to access with your passwords.

Also Mrs Gatefield has added a video and some lovely fun activities to our Google Classroom.  There are also Easter stories on there for you to flick through with your children.

Please have a look- you will have had an email reminder too!

Below are some activities that you can print off if you wish. They will be added to the Google Classroom as well.

We would love to see what the children create or do and hope that you have a safe and happy Easter.


I have added a powerpoint with a simplified version of the Easter Story should you wish to talk through it with your children.



Tomorrow is World Autism Day 

We have found some lovely resources for you to have a look at.

Please look at the story (we will email it to you) and watch the powerpoint.

Then create a logo in any way you wish!

You can upload the pictures of your finished logos onto Purple Mash for us to see.

It would be lovely to see them

Please can anyone who has not had their login for Purple Mash please email either or and we can email you any work or activities to go with the Purple Mash.

Thank you Mrs Gatefield and Miss Howells 



Week beginning 30.3.2020
This week we will be looking at keeping healthy and talking about healthy and unhealthy foods. 
There are activities set on purple mash for you to complete. Don't forget to work though the printed literacy and maths resources in you home work pack too. 


Time to sing!!!

some fabulous songs for you to sing with your children on a range of topics are available from Out of the Ark music. 

They are running @home which will give you a song a day which you can play through YouTube. It has the words and music and we love them! 

Give it a go!! Especially on a Wednesday as that is Well Being Wednesday and there are songs on there linked to our Healthy Eating and Well Being topic!

click on the logo below!


Try registering for this site it's currently free!

We have created user names and passwords for the children to access Purple Mash from home using the Plasyfelin Portal. If you want to have these then please email and I will send it to you.

For all enquires, concerns or support please email either the above address or 



Another good resource that can be used at home from Nursery to Year2. This resource is now free. I have included the web page, username and password for the children to log in from home.



Kids Activities are also offering a list of sites that are providing free resources



The 30 Day Lego challenge!

From Multi-sensory World 


Spring term

Work ideas / web links for extra work during the break

This site has free home packs for school closures (may require registration but it is free)

This site has a range of activities for you and they are offering access free to everyone throughout this crises

(you may need to register and the password you need is UKTWINKLHELPS)

If you wait on the page a pop up appears which allows access to the free packs

Another fab site, wonderful resources

This is a spreadsheet with loads of different websites that offer free activities throughout a variety of curriculum areas.



Welcome to Class 2

Mrs Gatefield and Miss Howells

This class is a mixed Reception / Year 1 Class


                           This Spring our topic is All About Me


The children have been learning about their community and exploring the role of the people who help us when we need support. We had a fun time at the Fire Station and learnt all about the role of the emergency services with a fabulous talk by the police. 

This term we are looking at ourselves, how we grow, parts of the body and the things that we do to keep ourselves fit and healthy.


Please note that PE day is Wednesday and the children will need kit that they can change into. PE this term will be indoors so they will need shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. Kit can be kept in school (in a bag with your child's name on) if you wish and taken home when you wish to wash or change it.


Forest School lessons are on a Thursday and we go out in all weather so the children will need a pair of Wellies in school which can be kept in the Forest School room.


The homework for the term can be completed throughout the term. You can bring the learning log back to school each week (or after each task is completed) if you wish for us to see and a new set of homework is given each half term. We really enjoys seeing what the children create and work on at home and love to see their drawings and writing ideas.