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‘Living and Learning’
‘Living and Learning’

Mrs Allin C6


Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. It's so HOT, HOT, HOT 🌞🌞


Just an update for you. Sadly, I won't be returning to school this term because I am still shielding. Mrs Boyle will be in class and I will have daily contact with her. 


I will still be continuing with the online learning, and will be here for you everyday on Google Classroom. 


Mrs Allin:)

The Enchanted Garden

Welcome back everyone.  I hope you have had a lovely half term break relaxing in the sunshine.  We have started a new topic 'The enchanted garden'.  The activity grid is attached below.  I will upload the literacy and maths on google classroom.  I look forward to hearing from you all.  

Keep safe and keep smiling my lovely class 

yesHello everyoneyes I hope you had a nice break and enjoyed the lovely sunshine:)🌞

Welcome back to home school 😊. We have the theme 'Pirates' this term and I have attached a topic grid with a mixture of tasks for you to have a go at. The grid is not set in stone - if you have your own lovely ideas on this theme, I would love to see them too.  I'm really looking forward to hearing from you this week!

I have attached the tasks for Literacy and Maths on Google Classroom


Don't forget 'Star of the Week' on Friday
Mrs Allin smiley

Easter Break 

I thought it would be worth sharing a few thoughts and pieces of information before we break for Easter. Thank you for your responses to the new aspects of home learning. You have been positive and supportive and it’s greatly appreciated. We are all learning together in this and your engagement has been crucial and valued.


In terms of the home learning, could I just emphasise the following as being really important when we resume on 20.4.20:

  • Try to keep a Monday to Friday learning routine with the children (although your home circumstances are yours to juggle, obviously). Children thrive on structure.
  • If you haven’t already signed up, engage in ‘Google Classroom’ daily. It’s a vital way to communicate directly.
  • Make sure that your child engages with daily Maths and English.
  • Read daily with your child wherever you can. Ask them questions about the text afterwards.
  • Try to incorporate some type of physical routines into your child’s day, as far as circumstance allows.


During Easter time (4th-19th April), there is NO expectation that the children should be continuing their daily routine of sessions of set work. However, I have attached some website links and tasks for you, if you feel you would like to do something with your children. (See link below)


I hope that you have an Easter that sees you and your loved ones healthy and safe. You are still very welcome to contact me over the Easter holidays if you would like to. smiley Mrs Allinsmiley     


Websites to Support Home Learning.

I know the number of sites on the internet is overwhelming. So the following links I would recommend as supplementary sites that can enhance learning and provide activities that your child might like to engage in during term time or holiday time.


mailMy top 12 sites for enhancing learning: mail


1. …This website has a daily video lesson and work


2. …This is a maths site run by Carol Vorderman and is free at the moment. It has video lessons as well as games.


3. ...This games is great for learning number bonds and times tables. There is also a whole host of educational games on the Top Marks website.


4. …This is a great website for Maths challenges.


5. ...This site has loads of resources and information for home learning. It includes every subject including Welsh.


6. …This site has a wealth of information including a free e-book library which includes Biff and Kipper books


7. … They have developed a whole range of materials for home learning.


8. …This is an amazing website that has ten minute master classes from published authors.


9. …Techniquest are doing daily Science demos which are great fun


10. ...Joe Wicks is holding a daily 30 minute PE session


11. …This is a great website for keeping children active while they play games.


12. …Lots of games for Maths and Literacy.


30th March homework tasks

During this difficult period, we have decided to use our class page initially as an interactive academic hub. I will be updating the pages with work  and information as and when it is necessary to do so. If  I am not able to access the web page I will post work on google classroom.

I have provided my email below to enable you to contact me with regards to any academic issues:



To my class


School may be closing today but I remain your teacher.  I am so proud of the work you have done this year and the way you are developing as brilliant young people.  I know things will be different but I will be setting work each week and sending you messages.  I would love to see the work you are doing so don't forget to hand it in on Google Classroom.  You can also send me any extra things you have done or send a video message on flipgrid on Hwb.


Parents, I will be checking my Google Classroom and Hwb on 'school' days all being well, so if you need any support whether that's recommending reading materials, good websites to use, specific help with work or technical help to access accounts.  Anything I can do to support you, just let me know


So until we return to school, stay well and keep in touch


Mrs Allin:)

Mrs Allin's Class

We are really enjoying our topic 'The Ancient Egyptians' and we are looking forward to more Science themed lessons this half term.



Titanic - The children have a keen interest in 'The Titanic' and we are really excited about planning a week of activities to learn more about it.

P.E days


Our P.E days have changed: Mondays (Inside) and Wednesday (Outside).

Please ensure that P.E kit is in school every week.

Make sure to include outdoor clothing and trainers for our outside P.E session.


Earrings need to be taken out on these days unless they are able to take them out themselves prior to the session.

What else do you need to know


  • Reading books will be given out on a weekly basis so please ensure reading books are brought to school every day so that we can change the books when we can.
  • Learning logs will be handed out with activities linked to our topics. The children can choose which homework they would like to complete from the tasks given and I would like it returned Monday to Thursday.
  • The children will receive spellings.  They will be handed out on a Friday with the learning logs and the test will be on the following Friday.



What are we doing this term