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‘Living and Learning’
‘Living and Learning’

Mrs Morgan C4

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Class 4. We hope your children have enjoyed their first two weeks in school. We will be giving out reading books on Friday. Please comment on how they read on the Seesaw app. We are not sending Learning Log books home this term. In stead we are setting a number of activities for the children to complete at home. Please photograph their work and email on this account. Below are a  set of six activities. Choose one a week to complete.

Many Thanks

Mrs Morgan

Hello everyone. It has been lovely seeing so many of you this week and catching up on all the things you have been doing. We've had some fun in class and played a lot outside. We have lots of lovely things planned for next week too. Mr Garcia has put two huge pots on our outside area and I will be bringing plants in for us to plant them up. We will also be working in the gardens outside. As you have guessed this week our mini theme is flowers and plants. In class we will be doing observational drawings of flowers and learning the different parts of the flower. At home maybe you can plant some seeds in a pot and learn how to care for them as they grow. Talk about what plants need to grow.

 Can you also paint or draw some flowers too. Van Goch has a famous painting called 'Sunflowers' which you can see in the resources below to draw in the style of. Maybe you could make a cutting and sticking picture of your favourite flowers. You can decide. 

In English we are learning how to write instructions. Write a set of instructions for planting seeds or making a piece of toast. Pretend you are telling an alien how to do these things and your instructions will have to be simple and clear. Resources are attached for all of these below. In the resources the instructions are jumbled up. Try to put them in the correct order. Choose one to do.

We will carry on investigating capacity in class. We had lots of fun using the measuring jugs etc and playing in the soapy water. More of this for this week. We will also be learning how to read the scales on the jugs. Some worksheets are in the resources to do this. Keep looking for items at home such as pop, shampoo, sauce and milk and reading how many ml and L these are.

If you have a garden please can you take some photos of the lovely plants in it and send them to me. Can you find out the names of the flowers and plants you have? Use the plant scavenger hunt sheet in the resources to play a game spotting the different plants in your garden or in your local park.  Maybe you can use the petals off the flowers and leaves to make a picture outdoors like Andy Goldsworthy does. See his art work in the resources below. Don't forget to take a picture ands email it to me.

Hello everyone. Im really looking forward to seeing so many of you back in school this weel. We have lots of lovely things planned to do. This week we are finding out about the lifecycle of the frog. We will be sorting the lifecycle and drawing it out and labelling. We will also be making some collage pictures of the lifecycle to help us remember it. In the resources below is the powerpoint we will be using and a set of display photographs to draw from. There is also a cutting and sticking lifecycle activity to do.


In literacy I would like you to imagine that you are a tadpole and keep a diary of how you change into a frog. Imagine how strange it would be one to wake up with a tail getting smaller and starting to grow legs


In maths this week we will be investigating capacity. In the resources below there is  a powerpoint to watch which should remind you about things from last year. Please watch this first. We will be measuring in litres and millilitres and reading scales. At home look at the different liquids you have - squash, pop, bubblebath etc. See how many litres and millitlitres they have in them. Using the sheets investigate practically how much different containers hold.  Play in the washing up bowl with the measuring jugs and learn how to read 100ml  200ml etc right up to 1000ml which is a litre. We will be doing very similar activities using measuring jugs in class.


In art I would like you to look at the dot paintings made by Aboriginal people many hundreds of years ago. These are made up of patterns using different coloured dots of paint and are amazing. There are lots of examples on line of this type of artwork. Please can you draw and decorate a dot painting frog for me. There is also an idea for making a model frog out of a toilet roll in the resources below.

I have uploaded some new to do activities on Purple Mash. I would like you to create a frog on  a lily pad picture using the art package.. I also have uploaded a new story to read and answer questions about.



Good morning Class 4. This week I would like you to get outside, enjoy the lovely sunshine and go on minibeast hunts.  How many mini beasts can you find in your garden? Make a tally of how many you can find over ten minutes either in your garden or the park.  Make a graph of your findings. How many spiders? How many slugs? Draw some of the mini beasts you find. Use an IPad or a phone to take photos and identify them. Choose one minibeast to write a fact file about. 
Choose a minibeast to create an acrostic poem about. Spider slug ant butterfly ... you decide. Use lots of adjectives to describe the bug in your poem. 
I would like you to create your own imaginary minibeast for art. Maybe spiders legs, a bees body, butterfly wings etc. You could make of model of this creature out of junk. 

Think about butterflies and their life cycle. Read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to help you. An animated version can be seen on You Tube.Draw the lifecycle of a butterfly and label it. 
There are some new things on Purple Mash all about mini beasts.  

Hello everyone. This week we will be doing lots of activities about recycling. In the book the Tin Forest the old man makes animals out of the rubbish he finds in the dump. Last week I asked you to make an animal out of junk materials. If you havent made one yet, have a go this week. 


Id like you to design a poster to try to encourage people to recycle their rubbish more. There is a sheet in the resources to help you and a powerpoint about recycling which may give you some ideas.

On Twinkl which is free to use there is a story to read called The Messy Magpie which is all about recycling Talk about its message. Unfortunately it's too large for me to down load for you here.

Look at recycling scavenger hunt activity sheet. Look at things in your cupboards to try to find these symbols.

Use the pictogram sheet to record the different types of recycling things you can find.


My recycling box is a boring black plastic box. How could I make it look nice? Design me a new recycling box.

We also need a new waste paper recycling box for our classroom. Please can you draw me a design for a new one.

Collect your recycling for one week. How many cans, plastic bottles, glass items did you recycle? Make a simple graph of your results.



In maths this week I would like you to work on symmetry. Watch the powerpoint to introducd symmetry.On Top Marks website there are some good symmetry games to play on there. Ask a grown up to draw half of a simple picture. Children complete the picture. Show the children how to check their pictures with a mirror.


There is a colour by numbers sheet in the resources below on recycling



Hello everyone. This week we are continuing the work on the book The Tin Forest. I hope you enjoyed reading the book and watching it on You Tube last week.


This week I would like you to look at the colourful forest at the end of the story and write a lovely description of it. Talk about the colours and animals. Think about what the animals are doing. Where are they hiding? Draw a picture of the colourful Tin Forest when you have finished your writing.

Choose one of the animals in the picture eg tiger and write an acrostic poem about that animal. Illustrate your poem.

Choose one of the animals in the story and make a fact file about it. Research where it lives, what it eats etc. Draw maps, picturs of the animals, its young etc  Maybe you could do this as  a poster or a leaflet. Watch the animal fact file powerpoint before you start to help you. This is in the attached resources.


Continue with your work on division. There is a snap game in the resources and some worksheets on division.


Can you design a new rainforest animal. It could have parts of different animals. What colours would it be? What would it eat? Where would it live?


As the Tin Forest is about a man who makes things out of rubbish I would like you to make an animal from rubbish which would normally go in your recycling bin. Take a picture of your model and email it to me.





Hello everyone. I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine. This week we are workin from nothe book which you can read on You Tube and watch and animated version of the story too. The book is called The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. This is a lovely book with beautiful pictures which I'm sure you will enjoy.

Literacy - The Tin Forest

Read the stoy loud and enjoy the pictures together. Talk about the story and wha happens. Talk about the dfferent mechanical animals in the story. Compare the illustrations with the livng forest at the end of the book.


 Once you have read the story and watched the animation I would like you to think about the character of the Old Man in the story. How  do you think he feels at the start of the story? Is he sad, lonely?Why do you think so? What does he do at the dump. What does he dream of?   How does his feelings change as the forest grows. You can  use the sheet titled Old Man in the sources to record this piece of writing or if you prefer draw the Old Man on a sheet of paper and record your answers below it.

Play a game - The old man made animals beginning of ' T ' for his forest- tiger toucan etc. How many more can you think of?

Change the letter. In your forest your animals will begin with a different letter- how many can you think of with your chosen letter?


Geogaphy / Environmental work  - What is a rainforest?

 Look at places on the planet where we have rainforests. Use the sheet attached or just use a map of the world to talk about where they are. Use atlases or an Ipad to find out where they are and the continent they are in.

Complete the cut and stick rainforest layers sheet

Complete the rainforest animals sorting sheet

If you are unable to print these off ask the children to draw a rainforest and write in the layers and draw boxes for the animal sorting activity and write the names of the animals in the box.

There is a domino division game in the resources attached.


 Art/ Creative work

Paint , draw or collage rainforest animals or make model animals of the animals in the Tin Forest



This week we are starting to learn how to divide. There are two powerpoint presentations which will introduce equal sharing to the children in the resources below. using their knowledge of 2 5 and 10 times table there are a number of simple sharing worksheets to complete or copy and complete on paper.


As usual I will upload some activities n Purple Mash about division and rainforest animals .

Have a good week. Please continue to send me emials showing me your lovely work.

Mrs Morgan


Hello everyone. It has been lovely to see all your lovely work on Lost and Found this week. I love the penguin fact files. I know that I put lots on last weeks page. Please carry on with these if you want to this week .  I  have some new activities for you and the resources you need are below. As always, do as many as you can in what ever order you want to. Do as many as you can. You do not have to do all of the activitites if you cannot manage them all.

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

1) Write the story as if you are the penguin. Why do you want to come to find the boy? How do you feel when he wants to send you back? How do you feel at the end of the story?

2)Write a one page diary of your trip to take the penguin home as if you are the boy. Write about some of the things which happen to you on the journey.

 3) Using this text as inspiration complete the boat building activity  in the resource section below  - Boat Size and Strength STEM activity

4) Polar regions comprehension. Children can do some extra pictures about other animals which live in Antartica or the Arctic



Please continue working on times tables. There are some good games on a website called Top Marks which the children have used in school. These games are quick fire recall against the clock. More times table activity sheets are in the resources. There are a number of multiplication word problems using 2, 5 10 times tables and a few extra if the children want the challenge.


I have put  in the resources a summer maths booklet. This booklet is a combination of lots of different areas and is good for consolidation of things we have done. Children can work their way through this over the next couple of weeks.


Science Continuing our work on The Senses this week I would like you to play a smells game using different household things which are safe to smell. How many can the children identify? See the resources sheet below.


Please continue to paint, make, draw anything you would like to if you are inspired by the story. Dont forget to email me pictures of things you do. I have added some colouring sheets from the story book to the resources. The children can use these to draw paint or colour some of their own pictures.

As always there are also activities on Purple Mash which the children can do.

Hello all. I hope everyone is well. It was lovely talking to you and the children last week. It was lovely to hear their voices again.I am so pleased with the work you are all sending me.  Apologies to those I didn't speak to. I will call again this week. 

This week our All About Me theme is Friendship. I would like the children to :-

1) Write about who their friends are say why they enjoy being with them. Draw some picture to go with it

2) Think about what makes a good friend and what do their friends like about them in their opinion.

3) What things do they like doing together - draw some pictures 


For mathematics please continue learning the times tables 2 ,  5  and 10. 


 I would like you to all read the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. It is available on You Tube and also on You Tube there is  an animated version of the book for the children to watch  This book is about friendship. There are a number of fun activities and word searches etc available in the resources. Please do as many as you like. 

After reading the story please can the children

1) Retell the story from the view of the penguin. Why does he arrive in the town, what is he looking for? 

2} Make a poster about a 'found' penguin to go up in the lost and found office.

3)Research all about penguins. What do they eat. Where do thy live? How many breeds of penguins are there? Make a mini project. You can paint, draw all types of penguins or make models of them. 


More activities are also available on Purple Mash

Below are the resources which you may use this week




Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying our theme All About Me. I saw some fabulous cardboard portraits this week. Keep sending them to me on email or Twitter.  I love seeing your work. This week I’d like you to think about your family, and the different people who make up your family. You can paint them or draw them or make cardboard faces like last week of one of your family members. Have fun making a family tree. A sheet to help you and a PowerPoint is in this week’s resources. There is a booklet all about the family available.  You can do some or all of these sheets. Pick the ones you want to do. On Purple Mash you can create a card and an invitation for a family member ie birthday card, or birthday party invitation.

  As part of personal and social work I would like you to think about how amazing you are and how you should be kind to yourself. Sheets to help are in the resources but you can draw these out if you can’t or don’t want to print. In maths I would like you to learn the  2, 5 and 10 times table. There are fun songs on You Tube to help and some activities in the resources. There will be activities on Purple Mash and some games to help you learn your tables.

I would like you to think about what job you would like to do when you are grown up. Write about the job you have chosen. You can make a poster about the job or collect together information, pictures etc to make a fact file on paper or on the computer. 

In science I would like you to focus on sound. I have put some games and activities on Purple Mash for this.

On Purple Mash, as usual, I have a serial story and activities and some paint activities to do as well.

Do as many as you can and send pictures of  some of your lovely work on email for me to see.

Hello everyone. I hope you are all staying safe and well. I hope you enjoyed last weeks topic work.Im looking forward to seeing some of the pictures you have done.  This week I have uploaded some spelling work on Purple Mash and some more stories with activities. There are also some nice art things you can chose to do. For this week I would also like you to have a go at some of these activities as part of our Portrait of Me theme.

1) Watch the Roll a Picasso video on You Tube.

2)Play the roll a Picasso game and create your own Picasso portrait. You can do this lots of times and make lots of different PIcasso faces. (We have done ones like this in class for other artists. )

3) Play The Senses scavenger hunt around the home . Resource sheet for this below.

4) Continuing on from last weeks adjective work please can you make a wanted poster either for yourself or a made up person. Use the adjectives word mat and any of the templates in the resources below. Do as many as you like. Maybe you can do them for your family members?  You can do pirate or cowboy wanted posters if you prefer. Make sure the description of the 'wanted' person is detailed.

5)Maths continues on with directions. Watch the powerpoints to introduce clockwise, anticlockwise etc. There is an activity sheet in the resources for this.

6) I have added a fun Portrait museum visit maths game. Can you solve the puzzle?

Once again I have put plenty. Please do as much as you can  but there is no pressure to do everything. I want the children to have fun. I have included a few fun art activities in the resources too.  Email me with any queries.

Best wishes

Mrs Morgan


I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I have planned out the next few weeks of work for the children. The theme is A Portrait of Me. A complete overview is attached but I will give weekly suggestions and resources to help you. I will also add some things on Purple Mash each week. Please don't feel you have to do everything. Do as much as is possible. Im not sure if everyone has access to a printer so some ides can just be copied out onto sheets.


Firstly ask the children to make a rainbow about themselves. either using the sheet in the resources or drawing their own.

Please can the children then look on the internet at portraits of people so they understand what we mean about a portrait being a head and shoulders picture. Then  use a mirror and draw themselves paying attention to the position of nose, eyes,mouth etc. They can use coloured pencils, paints or felt pens to complete their own self portait. Look at portaits of Picasso as they are very unusual. From this using scrap cardboard cut out a Picassso style face. Paint when all is dry. Look at the pictures in the resource bank for the idea. They will look great.


Written activity - children to write a description on themselves using lots of adjectives - we say two before the noun for example  long, blonde hair, big, wide eyes. If they want to they can also write in a similar way about their Picasso cardboard face.


Our senses - Talk to the children about the five senses. If you can go into the garden find an example of using each sense in the garden, if not,do this around the house. What can we see, hear, smell, touch and taste?Use the sheet to record onto or make your own if you arent able to print. There are two sheets and activities in the resources to help.


For mathematics play games using full turns and half  turns and quarter turns. What will I be facing if i turn...?




Well done everyone who has been on Purple Mash. I have seen your work. Some great scores on the quizzes.  I have added more activities today. Lots are based on Easter. There are some art activities and some writing ones too.  The second chapter of the story is also uploaded along with the activities. 
If you can get outside this week maybe you can collect some things from your garden such as different leaves and twigs and make a picture like we do in class. Take a photo and post it on Twitter or save it to your folder of work for me to see when we are back in school. Have lots of Easter fun. 


I have seen lots of really lovely things on Twitter this week which would be really helpful to you and the children will love.  Take a look at the following websites  David reads every day at 11 am one of his stories  This is free at the moment and has lots of great maths games and puzzles


audible. Has hundreds of children’s books to listen to free of charge Again lots of literacy based activities and stories 




This term we were going to be looking at inventions such as the telephone. Television, computers, washing machines etc. please help your children find out about who invented these things and when it happened. Ask them to draw me pictures of the first versions of the invention. Keep in a folder for me to see. Please can they also design a house for the future with all things they would like to have in to make  their lives easier clearly labeled. 
In maths this half term we were to learn how to tell time using analogue and digital forms. O’clock half past quarter to and quarter past the hour . Also halves and quarters of shapes in different things.  We also were going to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times table. I hope this helps everyone. Contact me on my webpage if you need anything
Keep safe all and we will all see each other soon.

Many Thanks

Mrs Morgan

Hello everyone. We understand that this is a very difficult time and

we have created user names and passwords for the children to access Purple Mash from home using the Plasyfelin Portal. If you want to have these then please email

If you need any help or support with home learning at this time then please contact me



Houses through the Ages Overview for parents

During this Spring half term Class 4 will continue to study Homes Through the Ages. We will be looking at Tudor homes, Victorian homes and modern houses. We will, in particular, be looking at inventions which have become common in every household such as TVs, telephones and washing machines and finding out about the people who invented them . We will be looking at how the homes changed over time when we visit St Ffagan's Museum in Cardiff. We will also be looking at houses of the future, thinking about how we can be eco friendly and living a more sustainable lifestyle. The children can plan their homes for the future with this in mind. In science we will be doing lots of work on materials. We will look at what houses are made of and how suitable the materials are for the purpose ie waterproofing etc. Each Monday the children will have a visit from UpBeat Music to learn Samba drumming. The new homework task sheet will be found in their learning log book.  Many thanks for the fabulous projects including  Tudor houses last half term.

Welcome to Class 4!


We hope to have a lovely, busy year with your children. The following is a little bit of information which you may find useful. Children will be reading every week. They will have the day they read written in their Reading diary. Please ensure their books as sent in on this day.

Please can children bring in a pair of wellies ready for Forest schools as soon as possible. PE will be on a Thursday. Please send in kits this week ready for lessons to begin next week. These can be left in school. We will send them home at half term. Please ensure any monies sent into school is in an envelope with the child's name on the front. 


This half term we are studying colour and light. We will be finding out about different famous artists and about how light is made. Please see the overview attached to see what else we have in store.