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‘Living and Learning’
‘Living and Learning’

Mrs Jones Nursery

 Welcome to new term at nursery 2023

I hope everyone had a lovely summer!

Below is an overview of some of the activities we have planned to do over this coming half term.

Our topic is bears and through this the children will develop knowledge and more early years skills. 

Hopefully life at school will continue without interruptions, but please be aware of local guidelines to keep our school community safe. We all look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 4th smiley

 Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs Jones and team

Hello and Welcome to Nursery 2023-2024

The nursery staff are:


Mrs A. Jones...... Nursery Lead.

Mrs S Jones..... TA

Mrs Longville........TA

Mrs Boyle PPA teacher

We hope this coming Nursery year will be a wonderful experience for you and your child. Learning is play centered and aims to help your child develop their skills, confidence and independence.

We as a school use the seesaw app which helps you stay in touch with what's happening in the class.

If you need to contact us you can also phone the school office or email me on.




Zoo activities!

Who’s ready to have breakfast with the animals?

Still image for this video
Andean bears
Red pandas
Baby meerkats

As we move on around the zoo!

Still image for this video
Black rhinos

Look who Mrs Gatefield found!!!!!!

Still image for this video

Following lunch we move on.....

Still image for this video
Elephant pool party
Penguin chicks
Brilliant bugs

Hwyl fawr pawb, we hope you had fun! Don’t forget to upload all your fantastic photos and videos onto your Seesaw journals 

Still image for this video

1st February.

Hello everyone, its the start of a new month can you believe its February already.  I hope you are all keeping busy and enjoying the weekly activities. Did you enjoy the snow yesterday? its very cold outside so I hope if you're playing in the garden or park you really wrap up warm.

Don't forget Tuesday I will be uploading the rest of our virtual visit to Chester Zoo! You can watch the videos and follow the links to view all the animals and their keepers. Don't forget to send me your pictures and work that you choose to do this week, I love to hear from you all.

Have a great week, stay safe be good and enjoy the zoo!

Mrs Boyle

Foundation phase virtual Trip! 


Guess what? We have something exciting planned for you next week. On Tuesday 2nd February the whole of Foundation Phase will be going on a virtual trip to Chester Zoo. We will find out about all different animals and have lots of fun along the way. We can’t wait!!!!!!!

Take a look at the days events below and it will tell you when each teacher will be introducing the next  set of animals.

I will also add the links for you to see the  animals live from the zoo with their keepers. Everything is on seesaw and I love you to post back any of the activities you do.

Enjoy the day!

Mrs Boyle. 

Our zoo trip days events!

Dydd Santes Dwynwen hapus.

Happy St Dwynwens day everyone.heart


Hello I hope you are all well.smiley

Below are this weeks activities for the children, they can also be found on seesaw.

Please don't forget to keep sending me photos or videos of all the lovely things to do over the week.

You can upload your work on seesaw bu pressing the little blue+ button. Or you can email me on


Take care have a lovely St Dwynwens day!

Mrs Boyle.

Monday 18th January.

Hello everyone I hope you are all well.

Below is another weeks planning for nursery activities plus the five day maths challenge.

Don't forget to keep in touch via seesaw or email. I very much enjoy responding to all your photographs and videos. 

Have a good week, stay safe.

Mrs Boyle.


Hello everyone,

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Below is another week of home learning activities for you to do.                  There is also a week of daily number challenges to keep you busy!

Don't forget you can message me directly on seesaw or by emailing me.

Please post your pictures, videos or messages I love to hear from you and of course I'm here to help with any problems or answer your questions.

Take care, stay safe and have a good week

Mrs Boyle.

Home learning activities 11th January.

4th January 2021                                                    Happy new year to everyone.


I hope you all had the best Christmas possible with the restrictions in place at the moment and that you are all staying fit and well.

I have added a weekly plan of activities for you to chose to do with your children if you wish in the document below.

Please send in some pictures of you having fun while continuing to learn. This can be done either on seesaw, or to my email. Please also get in touch if you need any additional  support from school.

Best wishing to you all.

Mrs Boyle


"Following Christmas" blended learning 4th January 2021

14th December 2020.....................Happy Christmas everyone.

Here on our Nursery class page you can access, stories games and activities to do with your children while blended learning takes place this week.

I am sure that following the visit from Father Christmas you will have no problem keeping the children busy with all their new toys, but leading up to Christmas here are a few things you may wish to do with them.

The activities I've added will help your child develop formation, language and maths.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and new year

Mrs Boyle.


Message for new nursery parents.


Hello and welcome to my class page.

If you have had an admission letter for you child to start nursery this coming term, there are information packs ready for your child to be collected from our school office from Tuesday the 1st of September. Children will be given a start date for the following week  which would be either,


Monday the 7th,

Tuesday the 8th   

Wednesday the 9th


Due to the pandemic situation we were unable to hold a welcome meeting for new parents and children, but please be assured that we are very much looking forward to meeting you and your child.

If you require any information prior to that, please email me  and I will back to you as soon as possible.

Best wishes Mrs Boyle.

   13th July…..


Hello everyone.

The last week of term has arrived,  I am sad that your nursery year was interrupted, but I very much enjoyed teaching you all during the time we had together at school, along with planning via our class page for home learning. I have loved seeing the work and projects you have completed.

During our distance learning we have been able to find out lots of facts about insects and garden visitors, I hope you enjoyed all the activities from our class page. For this last week I thought you could end our theme by choosing your favourite creature and painting a lovely picture  to share with us all on twitter.  Then if you are feeling  supper clever you could ask mummy, daddy or a helpful adult to help you make a model that you could put in your garden, that could be anything from a bird table to a nesting box. I thought that might be a lovely family project to do over the summer. I think I'll even have a go at making something myself.

Dont forget when keeping in touch  #plapnursery for twitter or email me on

I am so looking forward to seeing you all in September when I visit you in your new classrooms. Until then take care of each other,  stay safe, enjoy your summer holidays and be good for your grown ups!

Love Mrs Boyle.


6th July……

Hello everyone! welcome to another week of activities which continues our theme “In my garden.” This week I noticed a small frog in my mums  back garden when we finally got to visit them.

So.................... its Frog week!


These little creatures love water especially garden ponds. If you were out and about a few weeks ago you may have seen some frog spawn. This cluster of jelly looking dots float on the top of the water, but you must not take it!  Then when the eggs hatch you get to see  lots of tiny black tadpoles swimming around.

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes from the tiniest which could sit on your finger called Paedophryne amauensis  which is the size of a house fly !!!

To the giant ones called Goliath frog  and they can grow 12.5 inches and weights of 7.2 pounds


I hope you are all staying well and being super good for your parents, and I hope you enjoy learning about frogs with your adults helping. I’ve included  more formation files to help you keep on top of your pencil control. Along with number practise, craft ideas and some power points to aid your research.


Have a great week. Don’t forget to tweet or email.

Big cyber hugs to everyone.

Mrs Boyle. x


29TH June........

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all staying well and being super good for your family.

This week we continue in my garden theme with a new creature. He is small, spiky and actually runs really fast! Yes its Hedgehog week....

These lovely animals are regular visitors to gardens that have an entrance and exit area as they love to wonder around areas that allow them to cross through connecting gardens. So if your parents put up a new fence remind them to leave a little hedgehog hole. If they do visit your garden, they enjoy a drink of fresh water not milk as this makes them ill. 

Have a lovely week learning about this weeks creature, and hopefully the sun will come back out for us all. Keep practising your letter and number formation ready for Reception class in September. Try and count as high as you can and let me know what fantastic facts your learn this week! 

You can tweet using our hashtag   #plapnursery   or email me at


                 Take care and be good boys and girls.

               Mrs Boyle xxx  blush


Hope I've copied the link correctly. A nice little book called Everybody Worriesheart

      22nd June…….


Hello everyone.smiley

This week I thought we could look at what else we find in our gardens besides insects, and  I think one of the most beautiful visitor is definitely the garden bird! We get many  varieties, which are different sizes and colours. Some just visit others like to make their nest really close you us. Some like to sing others like to enjoy a snack stop at our bird feeders.

In my garden we have had robins nest in Mr Boyle's shed. We have swifts that visit each year and make their nest right next to our roof, little mud structures which sticks to the wall. We also have tiny little birds at the moment who has nested inside a broken vent , the other side of my bathroom wall. A very cheeky little bird who pops out  now and then and sings very loudly while perched on my garden post!

 I hope you have a lovely week looking at birds that visit your garden or the local park.  I've added lots of ideas as a starting point to your learning. Remember to keep up with your counting and pencil control as those skills are really important. I wonder how many of you can now write your name? send me a picture or tweet them! #plapnursery 


  I  really do love to sharing your work with you, so remember to drop me an email if you’d like me to see anything to do over the week.

Take care and be good.

Love Mrs B. X


15th June........


Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all well and looking after each other. The weather has taken a turn for the worse but its’ still good for      mini-beast hunting as many of these little creatures like the rain.

This week we will be learning about the Grasshopper! What a curious little creature he is. He can jump a really long way; he loves to sing and has ears on his tummy!!! I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about him with the help from your adult. We have looked at quite a lot of creepy crawly friends now, but there are still a few more insects to investigate over the next few weeks. But let me know what you do in our grasshopper week.

I have uploaded files which include a power point story for you. “The Ant and the grasshopper” Along with some activity sheets to print off which will help you develop your pencil control and counting skills. Have you tried going on a number hunt to start recognising those numbers. I have chatted with some of your parents who are going to try this so I thought I would share the game with everyone who reads our class page.


 Ask your adult, to hide some numbers around the house for you to find, with their help you can then learn their names, Can put the same ones together? You can then check your groups to see if your sets are all the same? What about practising number formation in shaving foam at the table, just the way we do at school. Messy learning is so much fun!. You can also practise formation skills with chalk, paint and sand if you have any. What about number pebbles so you can practise ordering 1-5 or even up to 10!!  Have as much fun with numbers as you can, it will help you get ready for Reception class in September. Have a lovely week.

Mrs Boyle.x


7th June….


Hello everyone, I hope you are all happy, well and staying safe.

Another week of mini-beast activities has now been added to our summer theme planning for working at home. This week we are learning about Bees! These creatures are such an important insect for our environment and the continued survival of much of our plant life. So I hope you can find out lots about them and the job they do.


There are suggested activities for you to do, but please take the learning in any direction you wish that suits your child’s interests.


I have added a power point song for counting bees, a recipe for honey biscuit’s and lots of maths and pencil control activities and of course some craft ideas. I hope you all have a lovely week, be good!


Mrs Boyle x

 1st June........

Hello to everyone. smiley

I hope you've all had a lovely week, one which would normally have been our half term break away from school. Even though we have all missed being together for a number of weeks now, I hope you had a little rest from school work and enjoyed lots of fun in the sunshine with your families. 


This week we continue our theme of mini-beasts, and the amazing creature we are looking at is the Ant.

They are the supper weightlifters of the insect world. They can carry huge weights, work as a team and live together in harmony. I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about them when you continue your research. There are some fun pencil control activities for you to print off, some family tasks to create and some craft ideas to have a go at. Oh and don't forget to keep active, ants are very busy little creatures!


Don't forget if you need to get in touch please email me at...... 

You can drop me a line to say hello, send me pictures or video clips or ask any questions you may have. Oh and for all you tweeters out there don't forget to tweet any pictures you would like to share including our hashtag, #plapnursery    Mrs Curtis has been helping me on the twitter site and I know all the nursery staff love to hear from you as well. 

Stay safe, be good and  take care of each other.  Love Mrs Boyle x





Ant week!


Morning everyone. sadly its a very wet Saturday but I hope you are all ok.

  I thought I would share this with you all on our class page.

if you have an smart phone down load a QR reader from your app store. Type the above address into your search bar,  then click on a topic or story book. scan the code and it takes you to the book reading of your choice. Lots of lovely book titles to choose from!

Have a lovely day  Mrs B  x 

Here are some letter formation activities and a letter bingo game to play, for you to do at home. Have a lovely day x


 Mental Health awareness week.

I thought I would add to our imove video clips for your child to try some Pilates at home.. 


Mindfulness Pilates .




Create a jar of happiness

18th May…………..


Hello and welcome to another week of Creepy Crawly Creatures activities to add to our Minibeast theme.

I hope you are all happy and staying well and having fun at home.

Hopefully the weather this week will continue to be kind and the sun will shine, perfect for getting out and about in the garden or on your daily walk.

I have loved receiving the many emails, pictures and videos thank you so much.

So this week we are investigating the WORM! Now this one is a firm favourite with all the gardeners as it does a very important job with the soil. He’s wriggly and has no legs you cant tell which end is his head or bottom so he’s a funny little creature.

I’ve added some ideas, book titles, and sheets for you, but you can take the learning in any direction you wish. I know you are all very creative  and I look forward to seeing  some of the results. Also if your little one doesn't want to do any school work on worms, after all not everyone likes them, take some time to just practise those numbers, letters and  your child’s pencil control. I’ve added some ideas for writing your name.

Has anyone had a go at the imoves activities a bit lower down the page, How else are you keeping active?. I’ve seen some of you bouncing, skipping and cycling. And one of you saw a rabbit on a family walk! That was lovely to see.

Well I hope you all have a great week, take care and of course be good!

Mrs B x



Morning all,  smiley  these links below are exercise activities from imoves!

take a look and have a go...... lets keep active.   

Copy and paste the link into the address bar at the top of your screen.   

 If you love them let me know at  and Ill post more. yes


(H) Very Big Caterpillar - Pilates 


Body blast part one       


(H) Pumped Up Pilates


(H) Wellness Warrior - Fruit and Veg Dance 


(H) Samba Carnival 


(H) Disco 


(H) SportsJam Part A 


(H) SportsJam Part B 


(H) Yoga 1 Part A 


(H) Yoga 1 Part B 




                                                    11th May .........


Hello everyone and welcome to another week of mini-beast hunting.

I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well, and are looking after each other the best you can.

I have loved speaking to most of you on the phone this week, I've just a few more calls to make this coming week and then I've managed contact with you all. I have also enjoyed reading the emails and seeing the tweets and pictures you've sent of the lovely activities you've been doing while learning from home. 

This week its the turn of the Spider!! I personally like them a lot, as I think they really are fascinating little creatures, Mr Boyle though does not like them at all! no But however you feel about them I am sure you will have lots of fun seeking them out and finding out more about them, along with creating some lovely craft and learning activities.

I've added another weekly plan of ideas that you can dip into if you wish to follow the topic, along with some pencil control sheets you can print off. A power point and a few other mini-beast activity files.

Of course you may come up with many more fabulous ideas to do together connected to this weeks creature. 

There are also some calming ideas just a little further down the page to help with behaviour if your child sometimes becomes a little difficult to cope with, which given the situation we all find ourselves in at the moment it is only to be expected. ( If your child's behaviour is challenging at times, rest assured they are not the only ones who may be acting up)

Please remember mums and dads that you are helping to develop your young children's educational and life skills with everything you do together, so you are all doing a great job in a very stressful situation. 

Asking them to help you reorganise the shed, the food cupboards or their bedroom aids problem solving along with them learning to take a little responsibility. Jumping up and down on their trampoline or running up and down the garden path can develop counting skills as well as burning off some of that energy. Playing board games develops, maths, language, turn taking and with some games fine motor skills and perseverance. Fun while learning.

So from baking together, gardening or even getting them to help you strip the wall paper you are developing their skills and maintaining their well-being......... so WELL DONE!

 Here's a reminder of my email in case you need any help or support                      I hope you all have a great week, take care. 

                                                                      Mrs Boyle.



Remain calm and carry on!! heart


If you're having an especially tough day with the kids,

let them know.

As you tuck them into bed say,

today was rough......

we will try again tomorrow.

Kiss them goodnight,

remind them you love them.

And give your heart a rest.

Because not every day is easy,

and we all have tough days.

Be gentle on your self

Be gentle on your children

and just try again tomorrow. x




Dear Parents.

I hope you and your families are all well as this challenging time continues to keep us at home. Please remember you are doing a great job just looking after your little ones during this extended absence from school. I hope the weekly plans are of some help to you while trying to keep the children busy.  Building  lovely memories will help maintain everyone's well-being in the long term. I hope you are able to enjoy some of the activities with your child, which can hopefully reduce, and not add to any stress you maybe be experiencing. Stay safe and many thanks for your continued support during this time.    Mrs Boyle.

4th May..........

Hello everyone.

 I hope you are all well and enjoying our topic on minibeasts. This week is the turn of the ladybird, a beautiful little creature with a bright shell covered in spots. I've added lots of craft ideas and learning activities for you to do with your grown up over the week.  I hope that you are enjoying time out in the garden even when its a bit wet, as that can often be the best time to find interesting insects and bugs. I hope you have a lovely week and don't forget to show everyone your creations and activities you do by posting them on twitter #plapnursery

Take care, stay safe and of course be really good. Hope to see you all very soon.

Mrs Boyle. x


27th April......

Hello everyone

I hope you are all staying well, keeping active and are enjoying the sunshine, oh and most importantly being good for your mummys and daddys.smiley

We have been very lucky with the weather while being at home haven't we, it's been perfect for Minibeast hunting. Saying that some creatures love the rain like those wriggly worms. So even it if we get some wet weather we can still be out and about in our coats and wellies looking in our gardens, the park or even the pavement outside our house.  Please remember to always stay close to your adult on our nature walk though.

This week it's time to learn about Caterpillars. Those funny little creatures with so many legs and long bodies and some are very hairy!  They also do something very special, they change into something else! can you remember what it is? Can you teach your adult? I'm sure you can. . I hope to see you all very soon, but until then, have lots of fun and stay safe.  Mrs Boyle 


20th April.......

Hello everyone.

The summer term is officially here, unfortunately we are all still at home. I hope you are not missing your school friends too much. I am missing you all though, and I can't wait to see you all again once we are able to go back to school. This term at nursery we would begin to learn all about those lovely creatures that live in our gardens.

So with that, I've planned to add a weekly overview of our theme Mininbeasts for you to do with an adult or even a big brother or sister.

 Our first creature is the Snail.


Next week I will add a new creature for you to learn more about.


Mums and Dads, Please have a go at some or all of the activities with your children if you are able, feel free to extend learning by researching these creatures with your child and let me know how you are getting on. If you create any artwork or take any photographs please share them on twitter #nursery

Stay well and take care thinking of you all.

 Mrs Boyle. 


I have now added the activities as publisher and word.  Mrs B smiley


Easter Fun!

Hello, I hope everyone is keeping well.

The Easter holidays are going to be very different for everyone this year so below you will find some activities that I've made up for you to do at home if you would like to.

Hopefully the sun will shine for you all to be able to get out into the garden or enjoy a daily walk.

Take care and stay well. Mrs Boyle.




Morning everyone, I hope everyone is well, are you all ready for another positive week of learning through play?  Please remember that all the lovely activities you do at home will help keep your children’s minds and bodies well. Also as the saying goes, happy children happy parents!.

This is another site I found which supports you support your child at home. There are lovely resources which offer   opportunities for children to have fun while staying happy and healthy. Give it a look, it’s easy to sign up.

I saw this activity and thought the children would love making an Elmer and friends. All you need is an empty milk container, some glue and coloured paper. Elmer stories are a definite favourite with the younger children so I think they would love this.

Good morning here are some creative ideas with pebbles for you to make with the children while at home. I'm sure these would look amazing in your gardens or on the patio!

Make the most of this lovely weather and while staying safe go out into your garden and count the bugs using the checklist below.

Hi all, hope you are staying safe and keeping active.


To keep you and your loved ones busy have a look at, this site has some lovely activities, you can access this free by registering with them and the code to use for full access is UKTWINKLHELPS.


Also to keep active don’t forget to join in with the body coach Joe Wicks, ‘PE with Joe’ streams live at 9am on weekday mornings on Youtube, take a photo of your little ones joining in and share it with us on our twitter page and don’t forget to #nursery. 



Hello here are a few more activities for young children to develop mark making and fine motor skills. Also I have included more web sites for children.

Hello to all my nursery parents and children

I hope everyone is staying well through this difficult time.

While at home I hope you are able to keep the children as busy as possible during this soon to be extended time away from the class. This is a challenging and worrying time for everyone, but our school will do its best to support you as much as possible. I will continue to update my class page as much as I can, Sending good wishes to you and your families.  Mrs Boyle.smiley 

Here are some websites you may wish to visit:

how we learn, has ideas for home-schooling,  

phonic play and busythings has online nursery games,

go noodle  gets your children moving in a fun and engaging way and

vooks is a library of online animated story books  


alphablocks cbeebies

numberblocks cbeebies






Hello and Welcome back to the Nursery class page.


The children have all settled back into school really well after our half term break.


Dates for this term.

Welsh costume dress up day Friday 28th February

Parents evening: Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th March, please see website to book your appointment.


We have had a very busy term learning all about 'cold' animals, I'm sure you have heard all about Polar Bears, Owls, Penguins and lots more.

This week we are enjoying Welsh week, today we had Bara Brith for snack and our nursery is full of colours as our Daffodils have bloomed in our garden.


Next term we will be focusing on food: tasting sessions, learning where it comes from and lots more.


Snack remains the same, £1.00 per week, you can pay weekly or termly. Please can you put the money in an envelope clearly marked with your child's name, Thank you.


Hello and welcome to the nursery class page.


The children have all settled in really well and are happily learning new and interesting things.


Dates for this term.

Parents evenings:  Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th of November to be held in the nursery.

Thank you to all the parents that took the time to come in for a chat :)


Nursery Concert:  Thursday 12th December 10am in the infant hall. Entrance via the nursery yard. 


School trip, Thursday 19th December: Visit to see Santa at Cefn Mably. This is a lovely visit wet or dry weather and the father Christmas is amazing, I have visited myself for the last 6 years, 5 of which were on the nursery trip and last year with my own granddaughter.  I have never been disappointed by the attention given to all visitors at this special time of year. I hope you can all join us. Each child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. There will be NO nursery that day.


Christmas Party: Friday 20th December children to wear party clothes for a fun end of term morning.


We do our very best to supply health and tasty snack for all our children. 

We ask that you contribute £1 per week.

First half term 8 weeks             Second half term 7 weeks.

You can pay weekly, half termly or the whole term if you prefer. Please can you send in payment in an envelope with your child's name printed on the front. Many thanks Mrs Boyle.