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‘Living and Learning’
‘Living and Learning’

Vision and Values

Plasyfelin Primary School

“Working Together For, Success”


Plasyfelin Curriculum Vision

Every child in Plasyfelin School will enjoy a broad, balanced, inclusive curriculum that embraces Welsh culture, diversity and values.  Together, we will promote the rights of the child, celebrate similarities and differences, and encourage our children to develop a love of lifelong learning by filling our days with authentic, fun experiences.  We will endeavour to give our children opportunities to reach their full potential and to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of our community and wider society.


The Plasyfelin Aim

To encourage learners to be:       READY – to learn and grow

                                                            RESPECTFUL – to each other and for everyone’s learning

                                                            SAFE – alone, with each other and within their environment


Why Change?

To deliver a relevant curriculum that develops learner ownership and equips them in the four core purposes of the welsh Curriculum, whilst being flexible enough to deliver the three cross curricular disciplines; literacy, numeracy (LNF) and digital skills(DCF) which can seamlessly incorporate the Areas of learning and Experiences as they are developed.


How We Deliver Plasyfelins Curriculum?

Staff decide, alongside learners, what areas within their topic they would like to learn about, for the following term.  Think BIG, think learner-centred.  Think engaging and exciting and something that can be used to enhance LNF (Cross Curricular Themes) and DCF skills.  Throughout the topic, the classroom will be transformed into a stimulating learning area where learner enquiry is fostered throughout.  The four purposes will be at the heart of the curriculum.  The curriculum will provide for appropriate progression using the principles of progression set out in the ‘Progression steps’ to ensure each learner develops at a suitable pace and in accordance with their individual needs.                                   

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Our new welsh curriculum captures this.

Our Mission Statement is simple:

'Working Together for Success'

'Cydweitho am y Gorau'


In our hands we hold the future.

Everyone will be provided with challenges and equal opportunities to achieve. 
Everyone will develop the key skills, learning behaviours and positive attitudes to become independent life-long learners.
Everyone will be an integral part of the local and global community.
Everyone will take part in exciting new experiences which enhance their understanding of the world around them. 
Everyone will take pride in their learning organisation and themselves.


Our Mission Statement

We are a big family who learn together and who are proud of each other.
We are creative learners who explore, take risks, solve problems and ask questions.
We use our learning muscles, share our experiences and communicate our ideas in different ways.
We are motivated learners who can work independently and with others, who take pride in our environment.
We are life-long learners who are part of our community and beyond.